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We fund part of our research by selling the our experience building environmental control circuits and product prototypes. This includes automation using low power micro controllers, sensors and GPS-positioning systems. Our services are unique because we are fellow entrepreneurs and can handle a broad range of needs including electronics design, software, Physical implementation and CNC scripting. If you need help taking your idea from concept to reality then we can help. Give us a call to discuss your needs 206-601-2985

AirSolarWater.COM (Harvest water from the air using solar energy)

Climate change  is already threatening the ability to survive on some islands where droughts and over use has caused saltwater intrusion into their freshwater lenses.  In some locations this has made the water unsafe to drink while in others it has salt contaminated fields making family farms unsustainable. Air to water is a way to obtain water water from air with no risk of contamination.  

Our renewable powered air to water systems are ideal for locations where power is either not available or abnormally expensive such as when fuel for generators must be imported. It can scale from 6 gallons per day through millions of gallons per day. It can be commercially competitive with coastal desalt plants once power and membrane costs are factored in.  

Ask us about our Solar thermal Air to Water technology which can work in large range of conditions without grid power.  206-601-2985 Contact Us 


Air Solar Water (Atmospheric Water Generator) technology which uses science to extract the humidity in air and convert it into liquid water. A2WH is a new generation of atmospheric water generator (AWG) which are also known as water maker devices (WM) and Water Air Extraction Devices (WAED). The Air Solar Water revolutionary design provides special characteristics that make it ideal for large scale deployment in situations where traditional designs would be prohibitively expensive.

Air Solar Water provides high quality drinking water when there is no other water source available.
When compared to common plug in or trailer mounted air to water systems the A2WH system can operate with much less energy. This allows it to save anywhere from 600 to 4,000 watts per gallon produced. This difference is critical because it allows A2WH to be deployed at scales that are infeasible for most other units. It also allows A2WH to provide a higher ROI.

A2WH is ideal when:

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A2WH Atmospheric Water Generator powered by solar energy provides patented WAED (Water Air Extract Device) technology which extracts liquid potable water from air using solar energy.   This technology  can deliver water cost effectively in the most hostile locations and can scale from 1 gallon per day up through millions of gallons per day. A2WH patented technology provides world leading ability to extract water from air using only renewable energy. The new 2013 model of can start trees and keep the seedlings alive in the the driest desert even when the seedlings would normally die of thirst. A2WH which will someday be applied to grow enough trees that they will sequester more carbon than the USA emitts every year. Grow Dryland also provides the the ideal way to reduce the financial impact of drought on ranchers

We launched Air Solar Water that describes our flagship technology for Solar Atmospheric Water Generators.

Air Solar Water now has the A2WH-83S solar Water maker is available to buy now.

The Air Solar Water technology is uniquely designed to operated in remote off grid locations where ground water is not available.  It's salt based desiccant design and use of solar heat as the primary energy allows it to operate in dry locations even deserts.

Water for dry cabins

The Air Solar Water model a2wh-83s is a perfect fit to add water for dry cabins in remote locations or research sites where no ground water is available.

Wind Power - Turbulence tolerant extremely tough turbines.

3 bladed turbine prototypeIn much of the world people are without electricity to operate refrigerators.  This makes it difficult to keep perishables such as milk, eggs, meat, etc. The same problem occurs even in the USA after major hurricanes until power can be restored.     

Wind power is a rapidly growing segment but a majority of effort in wind power is aimed large scale wind systems where very large and expensive wind turbines are justified. This still leaves  many people around the world without power because they are not on the distribution grids. 

Our turbines are optimized to produce power in highly turbulent wind common close to the ground. They are ideal for any location where 60 foot poles are not feasible or where wind turbulence destroys other units. Our units have survived 117MPH blizzards in sub zero temperatures with no yokes and no throttles and no damage.

Our turbines can range from 10 through 5,000 watts and they are ideal for micro generation such as fence controllers,  pumps and remote cabins where they typically augment Photo Voltaic solar panels.

We designed a PMG alternator which operates without brushes and build solid state rectifiers. This is critical because brushes are one of the persistently obnoxious  maintenance points in many other designs. Our blades are rigid and do not flex in the way may propeller based designs do this allows our blades a very long life.

Renewable Cooling

Air conditioning for comfort is the fastest growing consumer of electricity in the world. It is also one of the key drivers for rolling blackouts when demand for power to operate HVAC systems exceeds the grid's capacity to deliver power.     

Our Renewable cooling system can reduce air conditioning  power demands by over 90% during peak demand which occurs on the hottest summer days while reducing power air conditioning power consumption over all by over 85%.

This system uses the cold of the night sky to shed heat at night and uses stored cold the next day to keep the building cool and comfortable. It has very few moving parts and can cost less than 1/10th what other renewable approaches would cost.

By dramatically reducing the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning our renewable cooling solution can reduce carbon emissions by billions of pounds per year just in California.

Reduce evaporation losses from lakes and reservoirs

Government studies have demonstrated that a 1C (1.8F) reduction in surface temperature can reduce evaporation by approximately 2,900 gallons per acre per day. We use a small portion of the cold energy from deeper in the lake to chill the surface water which reduces evaporation while increasing circulation.If the water doesn't evaporate it can be used without reducing the net amount of water flowing downstream or the net lake level. This delivers a win, win for everybody because the process also improves the quality of water being released with higher oxygen levels in the deep water. 

Our approach uses solar power and is as simple as dropping a bunch of self positioning buoys in the lake. No chemicals, No pipe network, No electric bills and precious little maintenance. Preliminary analysis indicates a cost between $100 and $600 per acre foot saved which is far cheaper than trying to replace the water with desalination.
Additional details available. Contact 206-601-2985 to request access.

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I work on these when I have time and another need such as a larger circuit which needs a repeatable sub-system. If you have ideas for new circuits let me know and I will add them to the list.  I also offer design and prototype services 206-601-2985. If you need the source links for any that are not present let me know.  Some times I build the circuits and wait to fully document them until somebody needs them.

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